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To name …or NOT to name? That is the question.

Okay, blogger friends, please help.  I’ve read my fair share of blogs and there seems to be two schools of thought, use real names or use some sort of alias/nicknames. Even with my limited blogging knowledge I realize that if I am starting a blog about all things that make my world go ‘round, then obviously my kiddos will probably be the feature of several of future posts. Putting my name out there isn’t so scary… Amy… {there is only a bazillion 30-something Amys in the world} there I’ve said and it’s out there.  Since this is also a forum for my freelance business, I guess one of the goals of this project is to get my name out there, right???  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean my kiddos identities should be exposed as well. I do worry a bit about the negative ramifications of putting my thoughts on the web, but the bigger concern is the how this affects the little ones. I don’t want some school bully googling my kid’s name and JACKPOT come across a wealth of material to use against them …or something worse.

In my last post, I used initial letters to designate which munchkin I was referring to, but even I was confused as to which kid said what, and I’m their mommy!  I couldn’t imagine a reader being able to follow these silly characters.  That would be totally insane.

So of course, last week I was leaning towards using real names, but when I organized my thoughts and was about to sit down to write my next post, my feet got chilly, REALLY chilly.

Now, I’m back to square one.  I think I am going to use nicknames. I want my kiddos personalities to shine and I don’t think a single letter is memorable enough and quite frankly doesn’t showcase the amazing little personalities that we have brewing here in our household.

Currently, I have about 3 posts in the works, so stay tuned, but before I finalize them I’ll ask for some of your thoughts. What names would you use for these adorable little faces?

So I ask you, friends, family and followers, what would you do?


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  1. Larissa

    Well, you know what I would do… because I do it. If someone google’s Roz’s name and comes across my blog – then so be it. If my blog is used as “material” to make fun of her during grade school, I will deal with it just as I would any other type of bullying. I believe in never censoring myself in fear of what others may think, do, or say.

  2. Larissa

    Oh yeah, and let’s face it: we aren’t running “adult” sites, we are complete “mom” bloggers.

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