All About Me

Well I haven’t actually sat down to write this part of my site yet.  Honestly, I find it really hard to write about myself.  What would you want to know about me?

So for the time being I thought I would just post my bucket list.


Here goes:

Ditch my van and buy a ‘cool car’,
I actually ditched my ‘cool’ car and purchased my van in June 2010 :(
Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
Take a lovely romantic vacation with just the Hubs.
Rent jet skis for an afternoon.
Take a ride on a camel.
Conquer my fear of caves.
Pet a stingray. (May 2001)
Dance in a room of foam.
Take ballroom dance lessons.
Learn to knit.
Rent a cabana at a resort.
Meet Peyton Manning.
Learn to read Japanese.
Die my hair red. (December 2004 & February 2012)
Get a nose ring.
Participate in a Flash Mob.
Run a half marathon.
Learn to ride a unicycle, I even own one, but have never been able to get the hang of it.
Go horseback riding along the beach. (May 2001)
Sing karaoke.
Jump on one of those floating water trampolines.
Kiss my hubby on top of the empire state building.
Mush a dog sled.
See the Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Visit the Guggenheim Museum in New York. (April 2001)
Breakfast at a patisserie in Paris. (June 2000)
Attend “High Tea” at the Ritz/London.
Experience the Moulin Rouge. (June 2000)
Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco. (September 2004)
Pay it forward, just because.
Attend Carnival in Rio.
Be a member of a studio audience. (The King of Queens, September 2004)
Learn to play pool.
Make a stained glass something, anything beautiful.
Solve the Rubik’s cube.
Learn to ski, or at least try it.
Learn to say “no.” (without feeling guilty)
Haggle on a price at the flea market.
Win a sweepstakes contest, never been lucky.
Sight an A-list celebrity doing something normal, like getting coffee.
Become a published author. (February 2011, soon to happen again probably in February 2013)
Become a millionaire.
Shop on Rodeo Drive, and not Pretty Woman style. (September 2004)
Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
Start my own blog/web presence. (January 2012)
Go to the Superbowl.
Try Escargot.
Ride a segway, Segway tours of Cincinnati, here I come.
Watch each one of my kids become successful at what they love.


What’s on your list?



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