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Join me for my Art Institute Mini-Session

LebanonMini-June 23 All images are © 2012 Ninth Cloud Creative.

I am now scheduling for an awesome Mini-session! On Saturday, October 20, I will be at the Dayton Art Institute , a super beautiful location to shoot.  During our shoot, we can shoot families and/or individuals. Or work with any of … Continue reading

Dinner and a Movie

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Unfortunately I wasn’t invited Earlier this week, the Hubs took my eldest on a fancy date night.  When daddy asked Miss L where would she like to go, “How about McDonald’s and a movie?” She then promptly corrected him and … Continue reading

Make a wish…

ALT-8978-header © 2012 ninthcloud. All rights reserved.

Last thursday, I asked our lovely neighbor Miss K to join us for a “wish making” session.  I have no idea what the girls wished for, but they are sooooooo cute I hope they get what they wanted. And as … Continue reading

Happy belated Martin Luther King day!

ComfyBed-header-6017 © 2012 ninthcloud. All rights reserved.

Love my long weekends!  They are the BEST.  How did you guys spend you holiday weekend?  We did nothing, absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful.  Here’s a few pics of the kiddos just before bathtime.  Since we had our baby, … Continue reading

Thank you, Missy ‘Cole’ and David

photoshoot_NIcholeDavid-header © 2012 ninthcloud. All rights reserved.

Okay, so things are going a little slow.  I still haven’t finalized my logo {honestly, all I have are a ton of sketches right now.} I am still figuring out Lightroom, which is an amazing software program for photo editing, … Continue reading