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We wore our jammies inside out and it didn’t help ☹

It snowed, well sort of.  It snowed just north of us, but Cincinnati received very little, a sprinkling {you could say} of snow, and mostly it was yucky rain, harrump…  soooo… my dreams of a snow-filled photo shoot will have to wait another day.

I did however did snap a few pics of my Lovely L while we were up north running an errand. See how they did get snow, just a mere 30 minutes north of us in Dayton? My Lovely L is in that FAKE smile stage, but I was able to snap a few natural ones as well. I’ve learned NEVER EVER ask a child to “say cheese.”  This will inevitably kill your mojo.  Honestly, kill it.  Ask kids to jump around and get their sillies out, and what I do is every once in a while ask them to do something funny like stike a pose, stand on one leg, etc.  This lightens the mood and gets kids thinking about being kids and not smiling for the camera. Try an on-going game of Simon/Amy/Mommy says during your photo shoot. It usually works. Just look at these lovely natural smiles. :)


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