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Thank you, Missy ‘Cole’ and David

Okay, so things are going a little slow.  I still haven’t finalized my logo {honestly, all I have are a ton of sketches right now.} I am still figuring out Lightroom, which is an amazing software program for photo editing, I’m a photoshop girl :) And finally, I still haven’t quite figured out the differences between the 4 various focusing knobs on my new camera.  I’ve got the basic idea, but sometimes I find myself befuddled. But I’m getting there and hopefully with more practice I’ll be more efficient. Kids don’t usually like to repeat those adorable moments in their lives just because mommy didn’t have her aperture set correctly, go figure.

But what I have done is taken an adorable photo shoot of an amazing family.

Tada!!!! Let me introduce you to Missy ‘Cole,’ David and their adorable family. {Just take a look at those beautiful eyes, they’ll take your breath away}

 Nichole, David and their beautiful family spent the afternoon with my family running around the gardens. It’s actually a miracle we didn’t get kicked out. When they weren’t running wildly with an abundance of kid energy, the kids were perfect little models.  They made my job so easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better session.

Where does the Missy ‘Cole’ come from???  Well my oldest Lovely L, growing up had a hard time saying Mrs. Nichole, years later we still call her Missy ‘Cole,’ I don’t know if she’ll ever lose that name. {Sorry, Nichole}

Thanks again for the fun shoot Nichole, David, K, B, E & Miss S. You truly have a beautiful family and I can’t wait ’til we do another.


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