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New life changes…

This will be an interesting post for me to write. As some of my close family and friends already know, I’ve recently started a new full-time position (I was on a teacher schedule before) at an crazy fun design agency. It’s a position I’ve always wanted to tackle, and when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it. So the last 2 months I’ve balanced a new career opportunity with a virtually full-time photography business. Whew… I’m also fully booked thru October as well. Needless to say I’ve been tired.

This month I’ve shot 3 weddings along with many, many personal sessions. I’ve received many requests for sessions, and it pains me to say that I can’t fulfill those requests until mid November. To help alleviate some requests I recently set up a fall mini-session date, and have pre-booked half the sessions before it even went public.

Business is good, and photography is fun. I really love what I am doing, and it’s a total creative outlet for me and my psyche. However, I have made the decision to reduce my session availability. Due to the fact that I am a mother of 3 darling kiddos, wife to an amazing Hubs, as well as working full-time in a brand new position, I am going to only schedule a limited number of sessions per month. I want to have time to prepare and concept ideas for each of my sessions, as well as edit and provide final images in a timely manner. I feel like so far I’ve handled this workflow fairly well, but I can run on over drive for only a little while.

Here’s a little face that I need to make more time for. I do all my editing after the kiddos bedtime, but If I could maybe sleep a few of those hours, I think I’ll enjoy life a bit more. My little one is growing up whether I like it or not, and I want to make sure I don’t blink and miss it.


So, I am honoring all my currently scheduled clients along with those I am actively scheduling, but starting in November, I’ll be reducing my number of sessions per month. So… that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to be your photographer, because I do, it’s just it might take a few weeks or possibly even months to get your session rolling.


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  1. Candice

    You are wonderful!

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