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Dinner and a Movie

Unfortunately I wasn’t invited :(

Earlier this week, the Hubs took my eldest on a fancy date night.  When daddy asked Miss L where would she like to go, “How about McDonald’s and a movie?” She then promptly corrected him and informed him she would like to go to a “fancy” restaurant. I supose McDonald’s doesn’t fit the bill for date night :) She’s learning from mommy at a very young age (7).

So, when the time came, we curled her hair, and pulled it up, I let her wear a touch of purple eye shadow to match her glasses (I usually don’t allow her to put on make-up) and a little bit of sparkly lip gloss. She was the cutest thing coming down the stairs to show daddy that she was ready. All I can say is “Oh my, are we going to be in for it when she starts dating.”

On their way out the door, I was able to snap a few pictures for memory purposes :) Yup, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged a pic of the Hubs before, so here he is. He is the reason why I have such adorable little ones (good genes).

Note: Yup, that’s my little toddler, in the window wondering why she doesn’t get to go.

Also note the adorable ruby red shoes, that Miss Lwould wear everywhere, if she could.

Later, I found out that at dinner, she wanted to order dessert, something we don’t generally do when we go out to eat. So of course daddy obliged, she’s got him totally wrapped around her little finger.

So the end result is Daddy/Daughter Date Night was a success, and now Mr B is wondering when Mommy/Son Date Night will be scheduled :) Any suggestions on where to take a little man for a date night? I’d love to hear it.

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