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Life does get CRAZY, doesn’t it?

Note:  the first few blog posts were written months ago, during the birth of Ninth Cloud Creative, but with my lack of web knowledge it has been a while since I was able to get them posted to the web, so a little delayed, but better late than never, right?


Tuesday, December 7, 2011

Okay so things have been absolutely crazy lately.  And my crazy I mean pull your hair out INSANE!  Hopefully the month of December will be a bit calmer.  Here’s to wishful thinking. So I know this post is dated December 7, which is such a long ways away from my last post, exactly 2 full months ago, but I haven’t forgot about you.  Not at all.  To all of my loyal followers, all of one {me,}  I have been progressing, I think, in the few spare minutes I have of each day.  I’ve been practicing and learning the crazy artform we call photography, that’s a biggie.  Plus, I’ve been kind of looking into this website thing. And finally I’ve been leisurely doing logo designs.  Wow it sure is hard to design a logo for oneself.  I mean I’m a designer, should be easy, right?  SO WRONG! This is a mark that everyone will see.  It is a representation of me, my style and in some ways my life. So wish me luck and don’t hate me if it is months, or even a year before a logo gets put onto this website.

So let’s see in the last 2 months…

I HAVE successfully completed my first official photoshoot.  I think it was successful, I’ll post pictures in a few days and let you decide.

I HAVE learned what NOT to do in photography, or at least a little bit.

I HAVE read a gigantic textbook on my new/totally awesome camera.

I HAVE forgotten to replace the media card on my camera, so couldn’t take pictures of my daughter’s first piano recital.

I HAVE lugged my camera through the rain {under my coat and in it’s protective case, of course} only to take the most horrible pictures of my son’s first day of pre-school. In my defense the kid is fast, and unfortunately right now… I am slow.

I HAVE taken some beautiful pics of the kiddos, pictures and recorded memories I would not have had if I never started down this journey.

Here’s a little pic of my middle child Boo. This kid is just enamored with Spiderman, and even though his Halloween costume didn’t quite fit perfectly, he didn’t care. To be spiderman for the evening was the best gift we could give him.  Unfortunately for us, he seems to want to be spiderman every evening since then. :)

Some life altering events have happened in my personal/family life recently and it made me realize that everyday we make memories, memories that I’ll want to remember and cherish. The people in our lives are gifts and those gifts may not be around forever, so cherish them while we have them. I was just fortunate enough to snap a few pictures of my grandma playing with her youngest great-granddaughter, a mere week before we lost her to cancer. I was taking pictures for practice, not knowing that these would be the last recorded memories I will have of her.  But looking at those photos, these are memories that will make me smile for years to come. I love you Grandma, with all my heart.


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