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Hello my name is Amy… and I am an addict.

Oh Pinterest… why do you suck up all my time? Just within the last month or so I’ve really gotten into this new phenomenon known as Pinterest.  It’s so addicting, way better than Angry Birds, I promise.

On Pinterest you can, in theory, see quick snapshots of ideas, recipes, designs, you name it, all in one place.  It essentially is what your friends/pinners think is cool or worthwhile on the web, so they “pin it” {like bookmarking a site,} then you have an opportunity to see it, and pin it as well.  It’s a virtual inspiration board for life. In my opinion, I am able to get some of the best ideas on the web in lightening speed, cause all these “pinners” that I am following share this information with me. There are a tons of great activities to do with kids, recipes that will make your mouth water, great tips on home organization, and even how-tos on cute hairstyles or make-up.  Guys, there is stuff there for you as well, it’s just that I’m not a guy so I don’t really care to follow those pinners. :) But, if you look I’m sure you’ll find things that you’ll enjoy.

So log-on peeps, and start pinning all those ideas that you love, but will never have enough time to actually do :)

PS – I was not compensated to discuss the above website/brand. I just want to share with you a fun activity to do while you husband play his video games all evening long. :) Yes, I am talking to you, Hubs.

Images: Screen grabs from Pinterest.

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