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Happy belated Martin Luther King day!

Love my long weekends!  They are the BEST.  How did you guys spend you holiday weekend?  We did nothing, absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful.  Here’s a few pics of the kiddos just before bathtime.  Since we had our baby, Little C, stripped down to her diaper, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few.

Goal #1: I really was playing with a shallow depth of field, and wanted the billowy duvet to go in and out of focus.

Goal #2: Nail the focus in the right spot, those amazing eyes and lashes.

Goal #3: Get those just playing around, sleeping in, happy holiday weekend expressions.

What do you think?

OMG!  How cute is my Crazy B?  His bed head is what gets me, and the fact that he totally wouldn’t cooperate and had his own agenda in mind.  Doesn’t matter it’s those silly kid driven moments that I want to capture and remember.

Looking back on this, next time I may try to string some white Christmas lights far in the background to achieve a bokeh type of effect… Similar to this picture from Christmas. Yes/No?


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